Welcome to the new WV Grand Lodge Website

GLWVSeal210wWe are excited to welcome you to our new website!

There are many useful areas on our site where you can find valuable information. Look around and be sure to check out every page. We are adding information quickly to the site, so check back often. When you sign up to receive updates via email, any post made to the blog section or otherwise knows as a “news feed from the Grand Lodge” updates will automatically come to your email account. Likewise, our post here will be automatically routed to our Facebook page where if you “Like” the page, you will see our updates on your timeline.

The new lodge locator page, has lodges color coded by district. The interactive map can be zoomed in to even see street level. If you click on the marker – a picture of the lodge is shown, information for lodge stated communications, the address, links to the internet presence of the lodge, and a driving directions to the lodge section is available. Simply put any address for the start location and you can see directions to the chosen lodge. We hope that this map will be of service to all masons in the grand jurisdiction as well as for all visiting brethren from outside our jurisdiction.

The events calendar will list events from the current day forward.  Links to each event are listed by default in the list view.  You can change this view to month or day by selecting the desired view.  There is also several ways to search events by entering your criteria.

We will highlight upcoming events in our blog as well we will place other pertinent information here to keep the brethren well informed. Various information will be categorized within other defined sections of the website.

Opportunities for Schools of Instruction in February

It is highly recommended by the Grand Lecturer that all officers, coaches, and all interested brethren attend as many schools of instruction as possible.  The perennial goal of the committee on work has been that every lodge be represented.  Since 1987, 100% of our lodges have met this goal by  at least one stationed officer being in attendance of a school of instruction.

This months opportunities are:

February 12 at Pennsboro

February 19 at Rowlesburg

We, the Grand Lodge Officers, hope to see you there for instruction and a day of brotherly fellowship.

Opportunities for Schools of Instruction for January

The Grand Lodge highly recommends that all officers from each lodge attend as many schools of instruction as possible. It is required that at least one officer attend one school annually. This months opportunities are:

January 8 at Buckhanon

January 29 at Vienna

We, the Grand Lodge Officers, hope to see you there for instruction and a day of fellowship.