Open Letter from the Grand Secretary


Today we live in a world where a permanent indiscretion only takes a fleeting moment. Have you placed something on Youtube, tweeted or shared a thought through a post on Face book and wished you had not? Even if we don’t say something we regret, there is an issue of image both personal and Masonic. Masonic post should only contain things proper to be written. Once something is put publicly on the internet, there is always a digital presence of which can not be taken back nor deleted. This reason could be why some of us want nothing to do with social media. But. can we ignore it? It is said that the main form of communication today is social media. So, should your Lodge have a website or social media presence? Your members don’t use it you say, that’s fine, but most every person considering the Craft does and several times a day. Brethren in every corner of our Grand Jurisdiction are actively using social media each and every day. We are realizing that this is the case just from the number of requests for information we digitally receive. Social media could be the primary place of discovery for those who seek light. It has taken me a very long time to embrace at least a portion of social media and how it is used. Yes we are confronted with the choice of embracing and witnessing these new com­munication tools, but they are not the total answer for masonry. These coupled with personal contact an Education Program and most of all a good plan to improve your Lodge, makes success possible. Back to these new tools, what you post and the way you communicate is a reflection both upon the Craft and yourself. As it is said, and I’ll paraphrase, “you never know who is listening, reading or watching”. It is very easy to disrespect another opinion from the keyboard. A previous Grand Master set the standard for using social media. On line and off, we are charged in all regards to be upright, never forgetting that we are Freemasons. What we say and experience should impress the mind and not disrespect others opinions. What if anything should you post on social media? Make it a clear and conscious decision. Whatever tools you use, use them well and with wisdom. Remember you represent yourself and the craft.

William R. French P.G.M,
Grand Secretary

Many thanks to Brother Kenneth Stuczynski for his thoughts and words of wisdom.