Montana is not only a state with great scenery, a great Masonic Heritage, but has another rich attribute of which our Grand Lodge was a recipient.

Butte, Montana is located near what is said to be, the richest mountain in the world. A mountain of copper, located on the North Slope of the Continental Divide.

Past Grand Master M W Edwin Grafton {Montana} was a great friend of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia. He was raised in our Grand Jurisdiction at Lafayette Lodge No. 57 in Fayetteville. In fact, his father helped organize Warren Lodge in Thurmond.

According to Past Grand Master Grafton, at that time {1953}, all Grand Lodges, in the United States, had ceremonies for Cornerstones, Lodge Dedications, and Constituting new Lodges. However, he noted, many did not have the appropriate vessels for Corn, Wine, and Oil, the Elements of Consecration.

When He came to our Grand Lodge, in 1953, Past Grand Master Grafton presented to our Grand Master a Hand Crafted Copper pitcher for Wine, one for Oil and a Copper Bowl for Corn. On each was engraved The Grand Lodge of West Virginia.

Many of you have seen these Ceremonies several times, some have not.
Remember this Masonic Moment and recall the history associated with these beautiful Copper Vessels the next time you attend a Cornerstone, Constitution, or Dedication Ceremony.