Under Construction – Future home to the Electronic forms section of the WV Grand Lodge.

Welcome to the Pubs and Forms section of the Grand Lodge of West Virginia.  Below you will find listed  all the official forms. In the future these will be links to a PDF form to be used within the jurisdiction.  Adobe Acrobat Reader or any office suite such as Microsoft Office that opens PDF files can be used to view or print them.  Older versions of the same title which do not match the official versions below are voided and null.  These forms are not to be modified, edited, or changed in any manner.

WV Official Masonic Forms

  • Form 1 Petition for Degrees
  • Form 2 Renunciation
  • Form 3 Certification of Election of Trustees
  • Form 4 Petition for Advancement After Year 1
  • Form 5 Application for Demit
  • Form 6 Demit
  • Form 7 Petition for Membership on Demit
  • Form 7a Petition for Membership on Application of Demit
  • Form 7b Grand Lodge Petition for Restoration of Expelled Mason
  • Form 7c Restoration for Unaffiliated Mason
  • Form 8 Widows Certificate
  • Form 15 Notice of Election to Receive Degrees
  • Form 16 Notice of Rejection
  • Form 17 Notice of Delinquent Dues
  • Form 18 Petition for Reinstatement (NPD)
  • Form 19 Petition for Reinstatement (UnMasonic Conduct)
  • Form 20 Restoration
  • Form 21 Annual Audit
  • Form 24 Perpetual Membership Form
  • Form 25 Application for Perpetual Membership
  • (SEC) Quarterly Report Form
  • (SEC) Fraternal Assistance